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DIY Lip Scrubs

8 DIY Lip Scrubs for you to do at home.

Im sure you’re using a scrub for your body but how about your lips?

Your lips tend to become drier faster than other parts of your body because the surface skin on your lips is thinner. In addition, they have a lower water content than other facial areas, which sets them up for being parched naturally. So use a mild exfoliant to slough off any dead skin on the lips and uncover smooth, healthy lips.

1. Softening Chocolate Polish

Scrubbing with brown sugar gently exfoliates while cocoa butter and coconut oil lock in moisture. A dash of cocoa powder adds a dose of nourishing antioxidants.

-1 tablespoon cocoa butter

-1 tablespoon coconut oil

-1 teaspoon cocoa powder

-1 tablespoon brown sugar

Melt cocoa butter in a microwave-safe bowl. Transfer to a small jar and stir in the coconut oil. Refrigerate until the mixture has partially hardened. Stir in the brown sugar and cocoa. 

Apply to lips once a week. Let the mixture sit on your lips for 30 seconds, and then massage with your fingertip. Rinse and follow with Malsea Lip balm.

2. Smooth your lips with a Berry Lip Polish

Strawberries are loaded with citric acid, which helps polish lips along with raw sugar. Plus, you’ll get a dose of vitamin C from the berries to help combat signs of aging around your mouth.

-1 strawberry (other berries like blueberries will work too)

-1/2 teaspoon coconut oil

-2 teaspoons raw sugar

Mash the strawberry with a fork, then add coconut oil and raw sugar. Gently massage a small amount into your lips. You don’t really need to rinse it off; just blot away the excess.

3. Plump lips with a Cinnamon Scrub

Cinnamon will make your lips naturally plumber, and the light exfoliation will prep them for absorbing all the Malsea lip balm goodness. If there is a little bit of a tingle, don’t worry—that’s totally normal and is just the cinnamon doing its job plumping your lips! 

-2 tablespoons brown sugar

-1/2 tablespoon olive oil

-1/2 tablespoon coconut oil

-1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 

Combine the above ingredients in a mixing bowl. Apply to lips with fingertips and gently rub off dry, dead skin cells in circular motions. It is important to use a gentle technique and not over-exfoliate to prevent small tears in the skin.

Rinse with warm water and follow with Malsea lip balm. Use this scrub once or twice a week to transition into autumn and treat the chapped lips that occasionally accompany the season.

4. Soften lips with a Banana Scrub

Oats exfoliate dry skin while their hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and soothing compounds help to heal lips in no time. Mix with banana for softer lips in a flash.

-2 tablespoon oats, finely ground

-1/8 cup mashed banana

Mash banana and stir in ground oats. Apply to lips with your finger and massage gently for 1–2 minutes. Rinse, pat dry, and slather on Malsea lip balm.

5. Buff lips with a Margarita Lip Scrub

If your tastes run more toward salty than sweet, you’ll love the zesty, tart flavor of this lip scrub. Super moisturizing avocado oil is excellent for dry, chapped skin and balances the natural exfoliation of lime juice and zest.

-1 tablespoon fine salt or sugar

-1 tablespoon lime juice

-1/4 teaspoon lime zest

-1 teaspoon avocado oil

Don’t use this scrub on cracked lips (ouch!) and use finely ground salt to avoid irritation.

In a small bowl, combine salt, lime juice, zest, and avocado oil. Stir to combine. Apply to clean, dry lips and gently buff the lips. Rinse with warm water.  Apply Malsea lip balm.

6. Treat your lips with a Tropical Pineapple Scrub

-1 tablespoon fresh or canned pineapple 

-1 tablespoon coconut milk

-1 tablespoon sugar

Apply to lips with your finger and massage gently for 1–2 minutes. Rinse, pat dry, and slather on Malsea lip balm.

7. Exfoliate without scrubbing with a Kiwifruit Lip Mask

If your lips are tender, exfoliating with a scrub can hurt. This lip peel uses the natural alpha-hydroxy acids in yogurt (lactic acid), cane sugar (glycolic acid), and kiwi (citric acid) to get rid of dead skin. The bright green fruit is a fun addition that brings a hefty dose of vitamin C (five times as much as an orange!) along with vitamins A, K, and E.

-1 teaspoon Greek yogurt or Coconut Yoghurt

-1/4 teaspoon cane sugar

-1 slice kiwi, about 1 to 1-1/2 teaspoons

Combine the sugar with the yogurt and let it sit for a few minutes to dissolve the sugar. Mash in a bit of kiwi. Apply liberally to lips and cover with a small square of plastic wrap. Let sit for 5 minutes and then rinse with warm water and lather with Malsea lip balm.

8. Rejuvenate lips with a gentle Matcha Scrub

Not only will matcha gently exfoliate, but it’s also loaded with rejuvenating antioxidants.

-1 teaspoon matcha powder

-1 teaspoon coconut oil

Combine ingredients and apply immediately in circular motions, rinse and apply Malsea lip balm after.

Malsea Vegan Lip Balm

It’s time to indulge your lips!  It’s not very often you come across a lip balm this big!

A huge, little pot, is full of lush lip goodness! Mango butter, with Coconut oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin E is blended with Vegan Wax to hydrate and soften. 


Mango Butter - The Vitamin C in mango butter gives the skin a boost by brightening while the vitamin A increases the skins youthful appearance.  Mango butter is very soothing and healing.

Organic Coconut Oil - 100% organic extra virgin, our coconut oil is cold pressed from fresh picked dried coconut flesh.  Deeply Conditions and Hydrates.

Apricot Kernel Oil - Organic Apricot Kernel Oil - Extremely nourishing qualities including vitamins and C and E, it is excellent in moisturizing and soothing.

Vitamin E - Obtained from GMO free Soybeans, a natural antioxidant that assists in maintaining healthy cell integrity.

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Id love to know which lip scrubs you try and what you think of them!

Mel x


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