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Must Do Self Care Ideas

Self Care Ideas

Taking a little me-time isn’t an indulgence; it’s a necessity.

Here’s why everyone should care about self-care: it’s good for you, especially when it comes to managing stress. And, chronic stress is one of the biggest threats to overall health. It’s linked to inflammation which can lead to everything from heart disease to gastrointestinal disorders and a weakened immune system.

Taking care of your self has other benefits that may be even more obvious. It feels good. Getting a good night sleep, for example, makes your day noticeably better. Of course, it also helps with focus and cognition, regulates emotions, and boosts immunity. Similarly, doing things like going to the gym, heading out for a walk, or taking a yoga class alter your mood and energy level.

Check out these ideas below and make a list of your favorites for yourself to do and to check off:

Go on a picnic

Read a book or a magazine

Walk in nature


Sleep in on the weekend

Watch the clouds

Unplug from social media

Color in, draw, or paint

Do yoga



Listen to music


Spend quality time with a loved one

Look at the stars


Create a vision board

Watch the sunrise or sunset

Get out in the garden

Light a candle

Call a friend that makes you laugh 


Take a nap

Go for a swim at your local beach

Start a gratitude journal

Write a bucket list

Watch a comedian on YouTube

Take a bath 

Switch off your smartphone for 24 hours

Write a list of compliments to yourself

Do a jigsaw puzzle

Declutter your social media 

Go to bed early

Treat your self to a massage, facial or mani pedi

Meet up with friends for dinner

Buy yourself flowers

Watch a movie or tv show

Order or cook your favorite food

Go swimming or take a spa

Take yourself out for coffee

Buy a plant

Bake something you wouldn't normally have, as a treat

Listen to a new podcast

Play your favorite album

Have a family board game night

Re-arrange and redecorate your bedroom

Start a worry list to get things out of your head

Try a weighted blanket

Start a gratitude journal

 Hope you managed to make a great list, Mel x


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